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OHM Beads Blueberry

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OHM Beads Blueberry  When we say BLUEBERRY what images come into your mind?... more
Product information "OHM Beads Blueberry"
OHM Beads Blueberry 

When we say BLUEBERRY what images come into your mind? Are you thinking of a warm blueberry muffin sprinkled with sugar and slathered with butter? Or perhaps a fresh blueberry scone with tea or coffee, or a creamy blueberry yogurt? Maybe you crave rich, homemade blueberry jam on crackers or toast, or a generous wedge of fresh-baked blueberry pie a la mode?

Ah, so many wonderful things come to mind with BLUEBERRY! From Mom’s blueberry crisp or blueberry cobbler, blueberry syrup on pancakes, blueberry popsicles, blueberry chicken salad, or a cool refreshing glass of homemade blueberry wine. You might start your day with a handful of ripe blueberries on your breakfast cereal or a cold blueberry smoothie! All of these and more will come to mind as you add a dash of rich color and sweet temptation to your bracelet with this OHM BLUEBERRY bead! 
Ohm beads fit on all bracelets of common bead brands. 
Type: Bead
Material: Glass
Color: Multicolor
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