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OHM Beads Dustberry

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OHM Beads Dustberry  Berries have been an important source of food for... more
Product information "OHM Beads Dustberry"
OHM Beads Dustberry 

Berries have been an important source of food for humans since our Hunter-Gatherer ancestors first plopped this sweet, juicy little fruit into their hungry mouths thousands of years ago. Did you know that tomatoes, grapes, eggplants, bananas, and chili peppers all fit into the scientific definition for berries? We’ve got another one for you: the Dustberry.

Lighter in color than a blueberry -- with a slight dusty hue which gave it its nickname -- the Dustberry shares something in common with the elderberry and the red or white mulberry: it’s poisonous when unripe, but sweet and edible once it ripens and excellent for making jams, baked goods or the wonderfully subtle DUSTBERRY wine.

Perhaps you are like the DUSTBERRY: maybe a bit of trouble in your wild and unripe youth but now you are sweet, mellow, and quite tasty in your maturity. Good for you! Wear our softly colorful DUSTBERRY glass bead proudly and celebrate the fact that you just get better, sweeter, and yummier with age! 
Ohm beads fit on all bracelets of common bead brands. 
Besonderheit: Retired 2020
Type: Bead
Material: Glass
Color: Multicolor
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