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Ohm Beads Mad Hat - Alice in Wonderland Collection

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Ohm Beads Mad Hat - Alice in Wonderland Collection  OHM’s Alice in Wonderland... more
Product information "Ohm Beads Mad Hat - Alice in Wonderland Collection"
Ohm Beads Mad Hat - Alice in Wonderland Collection 

OHM’s Alice in Wonderland collection includes, perhaps, from the most famous character in all of Lewis Carroll’s stories, the Mad Hatter’s MAD HAT!

Mercury was used in the manufacturing of felt hats in the Victorian era, and many hatters of Carroll’s day did indeed go slowly mad from mercury poisoning. In Wonderland, however, the Hatter is forever taking tea with the March Hare and the Dormouse. Why forever? The Hatter tells Alice that he was singing a song for the Queen of Hearts and she screamed, "He’s murdering the time!" And ever since, time has been stuck at Tea Time!

There were other oddities about this Hatter, as you’ll recall. For one thing, he asks Alice a very peculiar riddle, "Why is a raven like a writing desk?" 

OHM’s MAD HAT is something wonderful and magical. It’s not just the peacock feather on one side, or the hat pins and sugar spoon on the other, or even this lovely old hat’s tattered appearance with years of patches, stitches, and hopes holding it together. No, there’s something more. Try this magic old hat on your bracelet and see for yourself. Maybe our MAD HAT truly IS a portal to Wonderland where adventures abound. Or maybe you’ll just go a little mad...and we could all use a little craziness sometimes!  
  • Fits all major brands
  • 925 Silver 
Collection: Feelings
Type: Bead
Material: Silber
Color: Silver
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