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Spiritbeads Amabie Yokai

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Spiritbeads Amabie Yokai Amabie is a mermaid with three legs who has its origin in the... more
Product information "Spiritbeads Amabie Yokai"
Spiritbeads Amabie Yokai

Amabie is a mermaid with three legs who has its origin in the Japanese mythology.  She rises from the sea and predicts an epidemic. 


According to the legend, the Amalie appeared in the Edo period. During the night, a glowing object was seen in the sea almost every day. The city official went to the coast to watch and examine the amabie. According to a sketch, it had long hair, a mouth like a bird's beak, was covered with scales from the neck down, and was tripod. It introduced itself to the officer as Amabie and told him that it lived on the open sea. It conveyed the following prophecy: “This year there will be a good harvest for six years; when a disease spreads, draw a picture of me and show it to those who get sick and they will be cured.” Then it returned to the sea.

Type: Bead
Material: Silber
Color: Silver
Symbol: Amabie
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