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Ring sizes

How to find your own individual ring size

If you do not yet have a matching ring available, there are several easy ways to determine your own individual ring size.

Please note when determining your ring size:

First, decide on which finger you want to wear your ring, as the respective fingers of your left and right hand are usually different.

Note that similar to shoes, finger size may vary over the course of a day. Usually the fingers are a bit thicker in the evening than in the morning. Seasons and temperature also play a role. In warm weather, the fingers are usually thicker than in cold weather.

To indicate the ring sizes in Germany usually two types are used:

  1.  The ring size related to the inner circumference of the ring expressed in mm, for example 52, 53, 54 etc.
  2.  The ring size related to the inside diameter in mm, for example 16, 17, 18 etc.

Our information refers to the first variant.

Determine your ring size:

  • If you already own a matching ring: To determine your ring size, take a well fitting ring and measure the inside diameter in millimeters with a ruler or a caliper.
  • If you do not have a matching ring: Just take a thread and put it around your finger once and simply measure the length of the thread in millimeters.

 Multisizer ring gauge:

Simply order the Ring-Multisizer from us for optimum determination of your ring size. This makes it easier to order the right ring size from the beginning.

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